Terms and conditions

A £20 deposit is payable at the time of booking in order to secure the date. The remaining balance is payable no less than 4 weeks prior to the event. If a booking is made with less than 4 weeks until the event date, the full hire charge is to be paid at time of booking.

Damage Deposits:
Little Monsters Soft Play prides themselves on the quality of their soft play equipment.

A damage deposit of £100 is payable no later than 12 hours before your Little Monsters Soft Play event by bank transfer. Your deposit will be returned to you upon inspection of the equipment except in the event of damage, soiling or misuse as in our terms and conditions of hire.

Your deposit will be returned to you upon collection except in the event of damage, soiling or misuse as in our terms and conditions of hire.

If a request to reschedule is provided more than 4 weeks prior to your event date, a new hire date will be provided, subject to availability. Little Monsters soft play limit rescheduling to one further date, after which the deposit will be retained as per our cancellation policy.

For all outdoor bouncy castle bookings, Little Monsters Soft Play reserve the right to cancel in the event of bad weather. A mutually convenient date will then be arranged to reschedule to. If the Hirer would prefer we can refund all but a £20 booking deposit which can be transferred to any other booking, within 1 year.

Weather Conditions:
We allow outside bookings to happen between the months of April – September. During these months the weather can still be unpredictable so when hiring from Little Monsters for an outside booking we continue to keep a close eye on weather. When the weather is predicted to rain or high winds, we will contact the customer and if we feel the booking needs to be rearranged we will make that decision. If no new date is agreed a refund except £20 non refundable deposit will be offered.

Bouncy Castles:
These can only be set up on grass and anchored into the ground or within a hall using sandbags. We do not under any circumstances set up on concrete. We are not covered under our insurance to do so. Please bare this in mind.

Little Monsters Soft Play reserve the right to retain the deposit for all cancelled bookings with at least 4 weeks notice. Any cancellations within this period will be charged in full.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will restrict our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence. None of these Terms and Conditions will restrict your statutory rights. Public liability insurance is held by Little Monsters Soft Play.

Please note that all persons using Little Monsters Soft Play and/or inflatable equipment do so at their own risk. The Hirer will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from, or as a result of, misuse or reckless use. These guidelines set out in our Terms and Conditions are for the safety of all people using this equipment and it is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to at all times. Little Monsters Soft Play will not accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone whilst using this equipment.

Delivery & Set Up:
Little Monsters Soft Play delivery is included in the hire charge up to 10 miles from MK146GP. A charge of £1.30 per mile is levied on trips over this distance.

Our home monster soft play packages, rollercoaster includes delivery up to 5 miles. Delivery outside of that is charged at £1.30 per mile from MK146GP and is subject to availability. Delivery over this distance will be considered with prior agreement.

Customers are responsible for setting up and packing away the equipment when hiring at home. Little monsters staff will set up the bouncy castles only. The equipment is to be packed away and ready for when it’s due to be collected to save delay for next collections and set ups.

If at any time during your Home Monster bouncy castle booking it begins to rain, you must let down the castle immediately and take the blower and extension lead inside. Only continue use once the rain has stopped and it has been wiped over with a dry towel for safety. If it rains during your Home Monster soft play bookings and you have the equipment in your garden, you must re set up inside immediately.

Please ensure there is enough space for parking our van outside to load & unload. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure easy access to the venue for unloading and loading of equipment. Any restrictions (e.g. lack of parking, stairs, narrow hallways) must be notified to Little Monsters Soft Play prior to the event.

We will endeavour to arrive and set up on time, but Little Monsters Soft Play will not be held responsible for delays incurred due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (e.g. road closures, traffic congestion, weather conditions) and we reserve the right to cancel at any time with your full deposit being refunded.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check that the venue has sufficient space for the package hired. Please allow up to 30 minutes before the event for Little Monsters Soft Play to deliver and set up the equipment, and also 30 minutes after the event for us to take down and remove the equipment. If you are booking inflatable equipment in addition, please allow 60 minutes.

Little Monsters Soft play will set up the equipment taking into account the full safety of the children, and therefore the equipment must not be adjusted/rearranged. Photographs will be taken to evidence this upon setup.*If your event is being held at a residential address, we advise the homeowner refers to the terms and conditions of their home insurance policy.

Please allow 12 inches clearance around the castle and allow roughly 70 inches to the rear for the blower and tube.

Return of equipment:
All equipment must be returned in a clean, unsoiled, and undamaged condition, otherwise the Hirer will lose their deposit and possibly incur an additional charge. If you need to clean the equipment during the hire period, please only use water with washing up liquid.

On collection, the equipment will be checked over for any signs of damage, misuse or any missing items. Should we find any signs of the above, it will be brought to the Hirer’s attention. The equipment will then be returned to our depot and assessed to determine the cost for repair or replacement. Your deposit will be retained to cover this cost.
Only Little Monsters Soft Play staff are authorised to collect the soft play or inflatable equipment. Under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our staff. If you are unsure of any staff member collecting please contact the owner on the telephone number provided.

Health & Safety:
*Once the soft play or inflatable equipment is set up, the safe operation of all equipment becomes the responsibility of the named Hirer who must ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to the children attending or damage to the equipment supplied.

*The soft play or inflatable equipment will only be set up in an open space, we will not be responsible for moving anything not owned by us. There should be plenty of space available away from any glass.
*Equipment should not be moved once set up and should remain on the matting. All balls should remain in the ball pool.

*The hire of the soft play is strictly for the use of children under the age of 8 years. Please refer to height restrictions on infatable equipment. Please ensure that no one over the recommended age or height uses the equipment, otherwise this may result in the loss of deposit.

*A responsible adult (18 years or over) must supervise the children and equipment at all times. Children are not permitted to play on the equipment during set up or collection. As a ratio you should ensure that there is 1 supervising adult for every 5 children.

*No food, drink or chewing gum to be consumed near the soft play or inflatable equipment.
*No adults are to sit on the soft play as this makes the items lose shape.

*All shoes, badges, jewellery must be removed to prevent damage or injury to others.  It is also suggested that spectacles are removed.

*It is important that the area is not over-crowded. Please act to limit the numbers and sizes as necessary.
*Do not allow children to become boisterous, push, collide or fight in a manner that will hurt or cause distress to others. Care should be taken especially on bouncy items.

*For hygiene reasons, socks must be worn while using the soft play equipment and inflatables. If supervisors need to walk on the soft play matting they must remove their footwear and leave their socks on.

*Balls should remain in the ball pool during the hire period, although we understand some will naturally come out they should be returned as soon as possible. All balls should be placed back in the ball pool prior to collection. If there are balls outside the pool at the time of collection £10 will be deducted from the deposit to cover the extra labour involved.

*No sand, sharp objects, face paints, party poppers, streamers or silly string must be used near the soft play or inflatable equipment as this can cause to damage to the equipment. You may risk losing your deposit if specialist cleaning has to be carried out.

*There must be no smoking or BBQs near the soft play or inflatable equipment, and all pets must be kept away from the equipment at all times.

*No furniture should be placed on the mats as this will cause damage.

*Little Monsters Soft Play will charge in full for any damage or loss of equipment.

*In the event of any serious accident, to comply with our insurance conditions, professional medical advice must be sought as soon as possible. Reports will be requested by our insurance company should a claim arise. The appropriate Health & Safety Report must be completed at the time when a Little Monsters member of staff returns to collect the equipment.

*Ensure that no one with a history of back or neck problems is allowed on the equipment, or any child who is unwell.
*Although the soft play equipment and balls from the ball pool are cleaned after every event it is recommended that supervising adults discourage children from placing balls in their mouths for hygiene purposes.

*Avoid large children and small children using the equipment at the same time.

*Little Monsters Soft Play will not supervise the event. Little Monsters Soft Play accepts no liability for any damage, accidents or injuries that may occur whilst the equipment is on hire.

*Strictly no alcohol or drug use near the soft play or inflatable equipment. Little Monsters Soft Play will not be held liable for any damage, accidents or injury that occurs due to the consumption and effects of alcohol and or drug use.

Our Covid

All of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each and every hire so there is no risk of cross infection. Our staff adhere to social distancing rules and wear masks throughout.

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